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roger grow

email me to get information about the availability of these pieces; or to inquire about commissioning.
I hope to have sample pages and possibly sound files linked at some point.

don't hold your breath.

001  the other · no. 1 from Swan Songs   SATB with piano
002  jewelweed · no. 2 from Swan Songs   SATB a cappella
003  Psalm 89   SATB with piano
004  introit - Psalm 96   SATB a cappella
005  find an end   two-part with piano
006  unbounded   SATB a cappella
007  evening lamp   SATB a cappella
008  do not stand at my grave   SATB a cappella
009  alleluia · from Covenant   SATB a cappella
010  home, sweet home   SATB a cappella
011  prayers for the communion of the people   SATB a cappella
012  Atom Spin   SSATTBB a cappella


here are links to a couple of mp3s that I wrote at school, while my students were composing. they were written in MusicTime, a notation program, and then I brought them home as midi files, then I played around with them in GarageBand.

growbot 2.6 Mb
comet 3.5 Mb


here are links to several mp3s of NAAD; from waaay back in the early 1990s. I'll see about finding an old pic, and maybe more information eventually. for now, I just hope that you enjoy them! I played keyboards, and did a lot of the writing for the group. not heisenberg and Doppler are improvisations, and Quetzal was written by the reed player, Tom Cate.
the members of NAAD were:
Brian Clark-guitar
Tom Cate-reeds
Roger Grow-keys
Stuart Ormsbee-drums
Todd Wells-bass

here are the tunes:

Spring Run 7.7 Mb
For the Very First Time 7.8 Mb
not heisenberg 11.2 Mb
Quetzal 8.8 Mb
3516 9.9 Mb
Ono 4.3 Mb
Doppler 9.6 Mb
Miro 10.3 Mb
Running on Fumes (or the Story of Bob and Ned) 9.5 Mb

final disclaimer: these were recorded during a live performance so there is the odd mistake or three... : )